Posted by: kateduffy | May 25, 2008

Abstract Painting Of A Tree

The Tree

“Upwards” – acrylic on stretched canvas, 2005

I completed this abstract painting of a tree after being inspired by Mondrian’s Grey Tree painting (image below) .

What really impressed me about the Mondrian painting was the sense of movement and growth that it conveyed. Rather than painting the tree itself, in his picture Mondrian has concentrated on painting the spaces in-between the branches – and the shape of the stretching limbs surfaces from within the myriad of white triangles and squares.

In order to capture that same movement in my painting I worked the paint very quickly, adding layer upon layer of colour before the paint dried, so that each segment of colour sits on top of the other, or merges into it – the earth sliding into the sky as the branches reach upwards.

Information about “Upwards”:

  • acrylic on stretched canvas
  • 25cm x 50cm
  • 2005
  • Status: SOLD

Grey Tree by Mondrian

Grey tree painting by Mondrian



  1. Hi, I was wondering if you would be ok with the fact if I used one of your paintings, and gave a presentation about you? I would have to make a look-alike of one of the many art pieces you have created, and give a few facts about you as an artist. I’m quite fond of “Abstract Painting of a Tree”. It has much eye apeal.

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