Posted by: kateduffy | May 22, 2008

Painting Of Times Square New York By Kate Duffy

Painting of Times Square New York by Kate Duffy

“Times Square Thrill” – acrylic on stretched canvas, 2008

I took a trip to New York in March 2008 and the energy and colour of Times Square blew me away. I wanted to capture that frenetic energy … the flashing lights, the constant flow of traffic, the electric buzz, and hopefully I’ve succeeded!

This painting is a mix of acrylic and oil pastel. I used the oil pastel to build up bright layers of colour on-top of the acrylic because I could not get the intensity I was after from the paint alone.

Information about “Times Square Thrill”

  • Acrylic on stretched canvas
  • 75cm x 50cm
  • 2008
  • Status:For SALE
  • Suggested price: £59.99. Find out how to BUY

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